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Fabio Biondi
artistic director

Simonetta Piscaglia
president and legal representative, administration manager, copy editor, logistics organization

Paolo Brancalion
vice President, secretaryship, communication manager – website supervisor, dance network and dance project coordinator, technical coordination, logistics organization

Margherita Gigante
training program manager, administration help, logistics organization

Paola Baldarelli
meeter and greeter, guest rooms supervisor 

Roberto Iacomucci
technical manager, teatro dimora logistics

Francesca Giuliani
Sguardimora blog editor, research and critics

Claudia Galanti
Centro Giovani “Orizzonti” project manager

Lucrezia Gismondi
graphic design, copy editing

Paolo Pagliarani
press officer


with the help of

Livio Balducci
administrative consultant 

Simone Bonfé
web consulting and developing

Alfredo Galeazzi
catering, green spaces maintenance

Laura Arlotti

thanks to: Fabio Forlani, Gilberto Bianchi, Stefano Bisulli, Stefano Giannini, Giuseppe Leardini

thanks to theMunicipality of Mondainoand in particular to:

Matteo Gnaccolini(Mayor)
Enrico Chiaretti(Department of culture and events)
Geom.Giuliana Generali(Surveyor, technical area manager)
Luigino Casadei(Councillor in charge of public works and maintenance)

we also thank, for both the projects involving the schools and the tourist board,
Anna Rita Nardi(president of the local Tourist Board and teacher in charge of the theatre projects in the local schools)

The Arboreto is a collective project, and as years goes by it keeps been made possible thanks to the help of the students serving their traineeship with us and of the other volunteers.

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