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In its programming the Arboreto – Teatro Dimora of Mondaino mainly welcomes and includes trainings and study and research oriented creative residencies.

With the birth of the new theatre, the Teatro Dimora, inaugurated in 2004, we enhanced the relations among the artist-in-residence programs, the rehearsals, the production and performance of new works, which are always the result of the hospitality and creative residences in our facilities.

On these grounds, from the very beginning of our adventure at the Arboreto we chose not to organize theatrical seasons in the traditional sense, and we do not purchase shows. This has not prevented us from developing a deep relation with a large “community of spectators”, who acknowledge our peculiarity of being at the same time theatre and workshop; a place where it is possible to partake in the new theatre in a more engaging way, with open proposals that are in the making.

We are also interested in proposals for workshops and creative residencies that are not necessarily aimed at the production of new works.

Above all, the Arboreto of Mondaino has the intent of building a common home for the contemporary arts: an all-year-round active place of thought and observation, promoting the meeting and dialogue between different generations of artists and craftsmen, reviewers, insiders and spectators.

Considering the peculiar and articulated nature of our programming (that as we already said is not a theatrical season but a year round schedule of activities) we never fixed a deadline for our call for proposals.

We suggest however to send in your requests and proposals within the months of August of the previous year (for example: August 2014 for the 2015 programming).

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    • access modality for potential participants (either open or following a selection; in this last case please indicate the selection criteria (résumé, motivation letter, picture, video, casting)
    • requisites of potential candidates
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