L’arboreto Edizioni

Collection: Il giardino salvatico

Il giardino salvatico, thanks to a play on words, selvatico (wild) turns into salvatico (which means the same but has also an assonance with salvific): we called this collection “the wild/salvific garden” so that words and plants can take root together in a way that is wild and salvific at the same time. Now we listen and wait for other winds to come with a wish: may our soil become more and more fertile to host and grow new plants in our “wild/salvific garden”. Our only concern will be that of finding the time to follow the different scent trails of trees and collect the precious fruits they will bear, while enabling our publishing house, L’Arboreto Edizioni, to trace new furrows in the ground, next to the forest.

Collection: Incontri da favola

This is together a chance, a wish and a doubt: does our desire for fairy tales increases with age? Fairy tales to read and to look at: in the books, for children and for grown ups. Fairy tales to tell and to listen to: in the relations with other people and in daily life. And then another doubt arises, that is at the same time a hope: is it always possible, regardless of age, to invent fairy tales? Fairy tales that we can create and that we can recognize within reality. Fairy tales of today, for children and for grown ups. Fairy tales, to rediscover the sense and the taste of wonder, always. Fairy tales, to try and experience extraordinary emotions in an ordinary and everyday life. Fairy tales that inspire us to build, not to destroy. Fairy tales, dreams and actions that we can share with others, that we can especially pass on to children, in the hope that there will not be an end to fairy tales and dreams for them. We need fairy tales to grow and to believe, to not loose hope and to keep being proud of facing life with the smile of intelligence. Fairy tales in search of an author.

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