L’arboreto Edizioni

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Our publishing house is another little and bold sprout that has grown within our project. It found its first realization in 2005 with the publication of a fairy tale.

The challenge was that of putting on paper the ideas and the possibilities of the two souls of the Arboreto: the projects dedicated to the arts and our willingness to listen to and care for the landscape, for nature and for the community.

Two souls that, among the colours and the words of the publications, have found a common denominator: respect. For nature, for other people’s ideas, for doubt, and most of all, for oneself.

Printed with care, our volumes clearly bear the marks of originating as a gift. The gift their authors entrusted us with, the gift we pass on to the artists, the kids and the adults who still dare to dream.

Our publishing projects are gathered in two different collections:

collana incontri da favola

collana il giardino salvatico

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