The long-time projects – research and training

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The dimension of time has always played a key role in planning our research, training and creation pathways.
It is the original thought that slipped in among us, so that we could look for and find each other.
It is the endearing possibility that the open, wide spaces have offered us. And we stayed, aware that we wouldn’t be at fault for settling, neither old-fashioned for loving slowness.

We firmly believe that creativity and its skillful gestures, and the support that art needs, require a long time to develop, grow and eventually germinate. They need places where losing oneself in the slowness and the beauty of the research can also be possible, without achieving anything in the short term.  To learn and make mistakes.

Because the workshop, a chance for the mind and for the body, is also a place where a restricted economy tries to find not only the space and the climate but most of all the time to deepen its search.
These thoughts made us want to create – together with others: artists, teachers and students – projects that would take all the time they needed in order to ripe.

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