Mary Sconta e la gallinella evasa

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a tale by Marco Baliani
drawings by Stefano Ricci
translation by Anke Feuchtenberger

L’arboreto Edizioni/Mami Verlag
Mondaino, June 2011


production manager: Fabio Biondi
project coordination: Simonetta Piscaglia
graphic design: Stefano Ricci
logo’s design and book series layout: Lucrezia Gismondi

enclosed DVD with the short movie Mary Sconta e la gallinella evasa
by Stefano Ricci
produced by Associazione culturale L’arboreto
with the contribution of Emilia-Romagna Film Commission
in collaboration with Cartoon Club and Cinematica
editing by Cristiano Pinna, Stefano Ricci
Voices, sounds and songs by Marco Baliani, Anke and Leo Feuchtenberger,
Loredana Ricci, Edo and Leone Chieregato, Zeus Ferrari, Jette, Ada
Geserich, Liliana Cupido, Cristiano Pinna, Stefano Ricci

Pages: 48
Size: 24 x 24 cm, fully illustrated
Italian text with parallel German translation

Cover price: 15,00 €
ISBN 978-88-902681-9-9

L’arboreto Edizioni/Mami Verlag

Based on a previously unreleased tale by Marco Baliani – author and theatre and cinema actor – a complex and well-structured project that is nearly a multimedia work.
Initially only intended to be published in the Incontri da favola collection of L’arboreto Edizioni, “Mary Sconta” eventually inspired the realization of a short animation movie, the printing of a book and an exhibition.
Before all of this “Mary Sconta e la gallinella evasa” had taken shape on stage, in a theatre play for kids and adults, organized by Stefano Bisulli, Nicoletta Fabbri and Pier Paolo Paolizzi, and produced by the Arboreto – Teatro Dimora and Serra Teatro, in collaboration with Cinematica.

The author: Marco Baliani
Mary Sconta e la gallinella evasa illustrazioni di Stefano RicciMary Sconta is a suburban girl. Not just because she lives in the suburbs, which are in turn very suburban.
Mary Sconta lives there, somewhere. I imagined her so hard, in her small space house, that I often go visit for a tea, strictly purchased at some discount store. I’m the only human being Mary hangs out with, because usually she only talks with animals, actually rather than talking she listens to their stories. In this, Mary Sconta is very suburban, at the outskirts of that which others call normality or everyday life.
She doesn’t always want to tell me what goes on with her, she’s so busy working her way through life that she doesn’t have time to see a rubbernecker like me. It takes patience, a few sweets she’s fond of (strictly without sickly sweet fillings nor whipped cream) and most of all a lot of time on hands to listen to her. Tales, it is known, are always a waste of time. In this, me and her are both really suburban.
Marco Baliani

The artist: Stefano RicciMary Sconta e la gallinella evasa illustrazioni di Stefano Ricci
Some years ago I had to leave. Not for a journey, but just leave full stop. I realized I only had a few moments to take a small number of things and that, as it then happened, I would never see the rest of my stuff again. I took three books.
After that, for a while I used to go into bookshops and come out without being able to buy anything, I don’t know why but I just couldn’t. Anyway I had my three books. Later in time I started buying books again, especially books about animals, but also on biology, where pictures are an organic part of the text.
I like making books. Now, as I am writing, almost all the drawing for Mary Sconta e la gallinella evasa are ready, but the book is not yet finished. So I can’t really write about it.
Stefano Ricci.

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